Important Actions to Take After a Motor Vehicle  Accident or Slip, Trip and Fall

It is very important to take these steps immediately after a motor vehicle accident or a slip, trip and fall accident to protect yourself. 

1. Seek medical help immediately if you are injured. If you have Personal Injury Protection you have the right to a physician of your choice. If you have health insurance your choice of a physician may be limited, so if in doubt, call your health care provider to find out.  Keep all of the records of all treatment received, medications prescribed, and medical recommendations given by the doctor.

2. Document the accident

             Take photos of the scene, if possible ;

             Take photos of the motor vehicle you were driving including all the                damages to it; 
             Interview witnesses and get their contact information;
             Write down everything you remember from the accident;

             Get a copy of the accident report;

             File an Incident Report if you slipped/tripped and fell at a store, gas              station, mall etc.

3. Report the accident to your insurance company. For auto
accidents, only provide the contact information for the other drivers involved. 

4. Do not agree to sign anything or provide a statement of the accident to any insurance company without the advice of an attorney. This could possibly adversely effect your rights to seek further damages once the full impact of your injuries is known.

5. Call me for help. (305) 651-3113 or email me at
 I can determine if you have a case and how much compensation you may be eligible to receive for your damages that you suffered. Don’t accept any settlement from the insurance companies without the advice of an attorney - you may be entitled to more. 

I will act promptly and aggressively so you can collect the money you deserve to cover costs associated with your injury and treatment, future medical care, pain and suffering and lost earning capacity.  If anyone can help you, I know I can.


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